Native Vegan Multi-Vitamin

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Go, Native, nourish your body & boost your energy with Medicine Wheel Supplements Native Vegan complete daily Multivitamin. 

Native Vegan Multi-Vitamin is a high potency non-GMO, whole-food-based formulation that provides essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. Each serving is rich with 42 raw, natural fruits and vegetables, including spiraling, juice extracts, enzymes, fiber, herbs, trace minerals & essential antioxidants.

 Replenish with the benefits of Native Vegan daily multivitamin, including heart health support, immune system, bones, hormone system, and nervous system.

Not all Vitamin/Mineral Formulations are created equal. Most of the foods we consume are processed products, from bleached flour and refined sugars to canned, pre-cooked, and fast foods. Nutrition experts call these foods “dead” since they have mostly been depleted of their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. The lack of such micronutrients in our bodies is the principal cause of the increased incidence of modern diseases such as obesity, heart, and circulatory problems, cancer, and fatigue syndrome. Supplementation with a plant-based multivitamin, minerals, and antioxidants, is more vital today than ever before. Fortify your health with this potent, best vegan multivitamin that would let you and your loved ones enjoy a healthy life.

 Enhance your physical and mental health with this premium vegan multivitamin supplement and experience the difference.